Career Profile

Hello, My name is James Vanaselja. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL with my B.S. in Information Technology. I currently work as a help desk specialist for Jacobs. In my spare time I like to tinker with computers, read books, play video games and explore Central Florida's various theme parks. I am currently not seeking any employment opportunities, but I am always open to build networking connections. At this time I am not seeking any employment opportunities. Thank you for your understanding.


Technical Support Specialist

June 2018 - Present

Provides technical support to end users. Acts as a system administrator for a medium sized office environment.

Coordinates with contractors to ensure that intelligent transportation system (ITS) equipment is running smoothly.

SharePoint Intern

May 2016 - August 2016
University of Central Florida

Worked in the Office of Information Security at UCF. Designed a Sharepoint Site for internal use. Drew various network topology diagrams using MS Visio.

Shadowed the Sr. IT Buisness Analyst & Information Security manager. Practiced IT security procedures.


Various class projects & a few of my personal side projects. Click the project name for a link to the repository.

Enterprise Computing - I built a three-tiered distributed web application using Windows, Apache, HTML/CSS, PHP, and MySQL to manage a database of various records.
Asteroids - Wrote an astroids game in Java using various OOP principles.
Computer Network Lab - Configured and wired Cisco routers and switches and networked workstations for hands-on experience with networking equipment.
RFID System - A simple Java GUI application to mimic a RFID access control system.
RFID Card Reader - A Python program for the Raspberry Pi using a RC522 RFID reader and the MFRC522 Python Library to interact with RFID cards in a MariaDB database.
Secure Software Development - Created a test harness to check RAM for the Rowhammer vulnerablity in a Linux VM.
Security in Computing - Used WireShark to scan and capture packets on an open network. Wrote a program to encrypt and decrypt using the Hill Cipher.
Cryptography - Wrote a Java program to crack the Affine Cipher. Created various programs to demonstrate different aspects of crypto, such as a Java program to find phi (ϕ) of a given number or decrypt a substitution cipher.
TrainTracker - A simple Python Script using a Tkinter GUI pulling JSON (Java Script Object Notation) data from the WMATA API for tracking trains on the Washington Metro rail system. Built as an experiment for pulling JSON data and translating that into a usable script.

Skills & Proficiency







Security Auditing (WireShark, Burp, Kali, etc..)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Office